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Linda Fillmore, Matriarch of the Fillmore Family and the Fillmore Family Foundation. Prairie by nature, Gorgeous by god.

You love her. You hate her. She's the Aunt and Mother you can't get rid of. Linda, a Saskatchewan-born, widowed, farmer has dedicated her semi-retirement years to sharing the tales and journeys of prairie folk. Born in 1933, Linda learned at a young age that the key to survival was not only fresh prairie air and good hard work, but also that a "forty" of Golden Wedding goes a long way in stiffening the bones for a long hard winter, and sure makes the boys at the Legion hall look a might bit prettier on a cold prairie night.

Linda is co-author of the best-selling culinary collection, Meals to the Field: The Art of Prairie Cooking.

When Linda is not busy with prairie endeavours, and rare performances at the Prairie Fairies Fowl Supper, she turns her attention to fighting the "Axis of Evil" from her winter home in Yuma, Arizona, which she shares her now elusive sister Doreen.

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