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Well, you and the Ladies(?!) Auxiliary must be very happy - another huge success with your Fowl Supper. Imagine all those people getting so excited over a little bit of turkey. While I didn't eat the turkey myself, everyone was certainly enjoying themselves. There were a few I saw who had helpings on their plates like they hadn't eaten anything for sometime. Poor dears. More seriously - it was a great evening. We met some new friends, Ellen and Wendy, and we were talking about how the evening worked so well to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and friendly. Being a professional planner I noticed there was very little left to chance - except perhaps the jellied salads and the pies but that wasn't significant. The design and execution of your "agenda" went very well indeed. Congratulations!!

"Congratulations on providing a well run, truly community spirited event, that was accessible to all, and most importantly lots of fun for a good cause. Three cheers and baseball caps off to you. I'll be hunting for that prize winning pie recipe for next year's supper."
Gerry B.

"My name is Nicole and I am writing to you from Lethbridge, Alta. My husband Keith and I attended the Fowl Supper this year with my cousins, Paul and Keith. We were the lucky couple that got to eat first because we had the honor of kissing in front of everyone!"
Nicole M.
(Editor's note: Nicole and Keith were on their honeymoon!)

"Marg and I had a great time at the dinner. The food was incredible!!!The environment was happy, friendly, enthusiastic and supportive. We look forward to next year's event."
Wayne S.

"Good food, good entertainment, good music. Thanks for the great time, you made me a less homesick."
Lukas M.

"Thank you so much for the GREAT TIME. My friend and I, from the Fraser Valley, had the best time ever. Great Big HUGS from Langley."

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